We have been excavating our own water lines for 20 years (private and municipal). In that time, we have never had to return to repair or thaw a water line that we installed. Putting in a water line  requires more than just the ability to dig a trench. We take extra steps to make sure that the line will be trouble-free for many years. We carefully excavate deep enough, looking for trouble spots where the line might freeze, and we protect the pipe while backfilling. A frozen or crushed pipe, a leaking fitting or hole in the pipe, all require expensive repairs as well as digging up your lawn all over again!

What kind of pipe is in that trench?

We use heavy duty (HD) polyethylene NSF approved water pipe with brass or stainless steel fittings.

How much damage will there be to my lawn?

We do our best to minimize the mess. We use a compact excavator, take the shortest route, and clean up the best we can. We are not landscapers, but we try to prevent your needing one. 
Onion River Well & Spring Service
   Rich Gouge • Marshfield, VT

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