Onion River Well & Spring Service
   Rich Gouge • Marshfield, VT

Pumps work like a series of spinning plates, each adding pressure by centrifugal force which pushes the water up the pipe. An electric motor spins the plates (impellers).

How long does a pump last?

Most pumps are good for about 400,000 starts. They can run for 20 to 30 years under normal use.

Are some pumps better than others?

Absolutely. The pumps we use are all stainless steel. They are manufactured by a 150 year old, American company. They have a long record of dependability and are designed for efficiency and longevity.

What if my pump stops working?

If it stops or comes on too frequently, call us immediately to prevent damage to your pump. The problem may not be with your pump, but other malfunctions can destroy it.

How to save a life:

Know where to turn off your pump and when it is necessary. You could save its life and your money.
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