Where do I find it?

There is an upright tank near the place where the water pipe comes into your basement or house from the well. This is your pressure tank.

Why are there different sizes?
A modern pressure tank is not a storage tank for water. Its function is to pressurize the water so that it will flow from your faucets when the pump is off. The size of pressure tank we choose for your system depends on the size of the pump, depth of the well, and other factors.

How does it work?
The pressure tank has two chambers-one for air and one for liquid. Since a liquid cannot be compressed, the pump compresses the air until it reaches high enough pressure that the switch shuts off the pump. As water is used, it is the air that pushes the water out the faucets until the air pressure is low enough for the switch to turn the pump back on. A pressure tank is really just a big shock absorber.

What can go wrong?
If the tank loses its air it will fail. If the pressure tank is not working properly, the pump canít either, and can fail also. You will save money by paying attention to the condition of your tank, repairing or replacing it before the pump is damaged. The best way to do this is by calling us for a routine checkup.

Why do I need a routine checkup?
For the same reason you need one from your dentist-to stop problems before they get worse. During a checkup, we test the pressure switch and controls, flush out any sediment in the tank, balance the air pressure and pressure switch, and look for any other potential problems. If your water stops running because of a pressure tank/switch problem, we will fix it, but it will cost a lot more than a checkup. Call to schedule.
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